“Jungle” Bells: District Partners With Lion Country Safari to Bring Chimps and Cheer to Classrooms

December 2017

Elementary students across Palm Beach County recently took part in a unique, STEM-based holiday activity, as the School District partnered with Lion Country Safari to bring the annual “Christmas With the Chimps” event to local classrooms.

Students in grades K-5 created holiday enrichment packages for the chimpanzees at Lion Country Safari, wrapping gifts of toys, lettuce, stuffed animals and blankets for the primates. On December 8, District personnel joined the Lion Country Safari staff in distributing the presents to the chimps, filming the presentation for a virtual field trip that was broadcast in classrooms on December 15.  The experience allowed students to not only see the chimpanzees open their gifts, but to ask questions and learn more about their environment and way of life.

“The students are learning about animals. They’re learning about the environment they live in, and how to really connect with them,” shared Julia Mate, the District’s K-12 STEM Program Planner.

Click play below to watch Orchard View Elementary students participate in the “Christmas With the Chimps” virtual field trip.



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