#MakeItCountPBC: Artists Give Back to Palm Beach County Schools

October 2017

Artists Patty and David Bibb have produced a variety of art in different specialties for many years. Their work can be found throughout the world, encompassing fine woodwork, stained glass, welding, pottery, ceramics, and painting.


For the past 12 years, the Bibbs lived in Guatemala, and upon returning to the United States, Patty made the decision to explore collage and watercolor.  

As a result, she decided to give art materials to the School District where they would be put to good use. She donated equipment, clay, glazes, and tools to area schools where she knew they would be appreciated and used to sharpen the artistic skills of children.  

Patty contacted  Debi Elfen, the District’s Volunteer Program Coordinator, who found three schools that would greatly benefit from the supplies. Her new, barely-used Skutt kiln was donated to Waters Edge Elementary. Eagles Landing Middle received a NorthStar slab roller with table. Golden Grove Elementary received tools, glazes, and 250 pounds of clay.

The art teachers in each of the schools were very excited about the donations which would have cost several thousand dollars if purchased outright. “I am thrilled that I am able to pass on a creative desire to another generation,” Patty said. 

If you have any donations that could benefit a school, contact Debi Elfen at 561-434-8789 (PX 48789) or Deborah.Elfen@palmbeachschools.org. Donations are tax-deductible.  

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