#ThankATeacherPBC: Palm Beach Gardens HS English Teacher Named Teacher of the Week for PBCSD

November 2017

The surprise on Seth Erstein’s face was unmistakable this morning, as representatives from the School District of Palm Beach County and ValuTeachers Team SoBetter joined the Palm Beach Gardens High School administration in recognizing him as the District’s #ThankATeacherPBC Teacher of the Week.

Mr. Seth Erstein of Palm Beach Gardens High School poses with his students after being named the District's #ThankATeacherPBC Teacher of the Week.

Mr. Erstein was nominated for the Teacher of the Week award by a former student, who submitted details of the significant impact Mr. Erstein made in his life.

“Without a doubt, Mr. Erstein is the best teacher I have ever had,” the student shared. “Even after graduating from PBCSD, I still realize how important his lessons were and how they still apply to my current college classes.  Thank you, Mr. Erstein, for being the coolest, kindest and most amazing English teacher in Palm Beach County.”

Now in his sixth year at Palm Beach Gardens High, Mr. Erstein teaches both English IV and an AICE General Paper course. He is a Google Certified Educator and member of the District’s Technology Trailblazers program, which allows teachers to build their school’s digital culture and lead the way in delivering tech-driven instruction that resonates with today’s learners.

As the District’s Teacher of the Week, Mr. Erstein received a dozen donuts, balloons, flowers and a $25 gift card donated by ValuTeachers. As a #ThankATeacherPBC Teacher of the Week award winner, he’ll also be nominated for National Life Group’s LifeChanger of the Year award, which is given annually to teachers and other School District personnel who make a significant difference in the lives of students by exemplifying excellence, positive influence, and leadership.

Your favorite teacher could be our next award winner! Nominating a teacher for the Teacher of the Week award is easy — visit the Thank a Teacher website at www.palmbeachschools.org/thankateacher and submit your message of gratitude.

Business leaders are encouraged to visit the site to get information on offering discounts to teachers, sponsoring events at schools, or signing up to become a District business partner. The #ThankATeacherPBC prize patrol will surprise and honor a different Palm Beach County teacher each week.   

Click here to view video from this morning’s #ThankATeacherPBC surprise announcement at Palm Beach Gardens High School.

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