10th GSOP Health Fair Benefits Patients, Students

October 2017

For Jessica Hernandez, a third year pharmacy student, a career in pharmacy means a career advocating for patients and people.


“The reason we keep doing this (hosting the health fair) is because we love being a part of the community, and knowing there is a need in the community,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez and Shruti Sharma, also a third-year pharmacy student, helped plan the 10th annual health fair hosted by the Gregory School of Pharmacy in downtown Lake Worth.

“One of our biggest missions is to give back to the community so it’s something that is near and dear to our heart,” Sharma said, “We do get a lot of people that come by.”

During the health fair, visitors could get free blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, and flu shots for a fee. Other booths gave out useful health information.

Stephanie Jaipal and Elizabeth Davis, first year pharmacy students, ran the medication counseling booth.

“We’re going to make sure they are taking their meds at the right time and not missing a dose, and if they are missing a dose what they can do to catch up on it,” Jaipal said.

Jason Arevalo, member of the leadership team, was in charge of marketing for the event. They sent out flyers to schools and local businesses, and canvased pharmacies, super markets and other areas in the community.

“This event is a benefit for us and for them because for us it gives us a perspective on why we do what we do, it gives people that don’t have availability to healthcare a chance to come out and get their stuff checked out,” Arevalo said.



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