A Recipe for Redemption in the Second Annual Culinary Cup

December 2017

This past Friday, Superintendent Robert Avossa was able to step back into the kitchen and cook up a recipe for redemption during the second annual Superintendent’s Culinary Cup at West Boca Raton Community High School.

The son of a chef, Avossa was determined to not be burnt again, as he was at the “Chopped” style challenge last year at Dwyer High School. His student challenger, junior Madison Fox, was well prepared for the competition, housed in the state of the art facility on the West Boca High campus.

The menu called for a shrimp fra diavolo over pasta, bruschetta and mista salad. As the challengers separated, they had one hour to prepare a meal for judges, being critiqued on several factors, including presentation, taste, use of ingredients and preparation. Both contestants had a team of cooks to assist with the meal, as guests watched on from the Calaloo Cafe adjacent to the learning kitchen.  

As Principal Craig Sommer declared the results, Fox conceded the Culinary Cup to the Superintendent, for now. “If I had to compete against anyone, I’m glad it was him,” Fox said.  

“West Boca High School is an outstanding school. They have a beautiful culinary program, and we have programs like this all over the District. We are going to continue investing in it,” Avossa said. The Culinary Academy is a program that offers students an opportunity to train in all areas of food preparations and service. The deadline to apply to Choice programs like the Culinary Academy at West Boca High is January 26, 2018.   

“Many of my fondest memories were shaped in the kitchen,” Avossa said, as he reflected back on his time growing up in his father’s restaurants.  

And with the Culinary Cup in his grasp, there is now has one more memory to look back on and smile.



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