Back to school Monday for 193,000 kids; 20,000 teachers and staff

August 2017

Goodbye, summer. About 193,000 students are headed to 184 Palm Beach County district-run and 49 charter schools Monday morning. As the 2017-18 school year begins, 10 schools have new principals and three more are about to say farewell to theirs.


 Nearly 59,000 students will ride buses to or from school. 
 They will ride 796 buses – 78 of them new this year. 
 The drivers cover 663 routes and at least 18,600 bus stops. 
 Those buses will cover 12.5 million miles by year’s end.

 The cafeterias will serve more than 32 million breakfast, lunches and even some dinners. 
 Breakfast is free. Lunch goes for $2.05 in elementaries and $2.30 in middle and high schools. 
 The new menu items include arroz con pollo, Asian glazed chicken bite, beefaroni, a 16-inch pizza and chicken penne.

 The district employs 12,531 teachers and 9,150 other staff. 
 This year’s new hires include 761 teachers and other instructional employees and 107 non-instructional ones. 
 Hidden Oaks Elementary in suburban Boynton Beach begins its expansion into the middle school years, opening a sixth grade. Grades seven and eight will open in the following years. Odyssey Middle School begins its last year. The school will close in June and its students will be zoned into other schools as South Tech charters move into the campus.

 Half days, those late starts and early dismissals once used to make time for teacher training, are gone. 
 The Thanksgiving holiday has been stretched so students and teachers have the entire week off.

Source: The Palm Beach County School District

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