Consulting Firm Offers Students Missional Focus

February 2018

Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Titus Center for Franchisingwelcomed IBEC Ventures, a Business as Mission (BAM) consulting firm, to the West Palm Beach campus this past week.

Larry Sharp, founder and director of training and partnerships for IBEC Ventures, spoke to a cross-cultural studies class about BAM’s mission and ways students can get involved; and he made several strong points about BAM serving the Great Commission.

“Always be missional in the job you are doing,” advised Sharp, who was one of 7 representatives of IBEC who spent three days on campus.

Sharp explained the quadruple bottom line of BAM as being profitable, creating jobs, being disciples of Jesus and stewardship. He stressed the importance of BAM in several ways including its ability to serve the great commandment, to reach the unreachable, and to live like disciples as God called us to be.

BAM is seeking to partner with the Titus Center and the United Franchise Group in order to help build God’s kingdom through the businesses with which they consult, said Sharp. The firm collaborates with individuals, businesses, churches, organizations and networks around the world to affirm the mission role of business people globally. Their plan is to identify franchised businesses that they can acquire for missional purposes.

“PBA students who have the desire to share Jesus and build a business will now have the support of BAM,” said Dr. John Hayes, Titus chair for Franchise Leadership and director of the Titus Center. “This is a huge opportunity for our students, for PBA programs, for faculty and staff who want to be involved, and for future students who will be attracted to PBA by BAM and related activities.”

The Titus Center’s connection with BAM would support the consulting firm as much as it would support PBA, Sharp said – adding, the consulting firm would also provide immense opportunities, not only for franchising students, but many others with varying career interests.

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