GL Homes Donates $25K to Eagles Landing Middle School

October 2017

Eagles Landing Middle School in Boca Raton recently received a $25,000 donation from GL Homes to fund the purchase of fitness equipment to help reinvent the school’s Physical Education Program.


Joe Peccia, Eagles Landing’s Principal, worked extensively with GL Homes to facilitate the donation in order to provide equipment for all students at every level of ability. “When I came to the school last year I just said, let’s do this, let’s make it happen,” Peccia said.

After arriving at the school in November 2016, Peccia immediately met with the school’s PTA and learned that they were originally planning to re-sod the school’s athletic fields. Although that project fell through, Jodi Presser, the PTA parent volunteer, indicated that she was in talks with GL Homes about possibly funding another project. At that time, it was clear that the school’s physical education program was an area that needed improvement.

Peccia had a vision of a comprehensive student fitness experience that included CrossFit style classes as well as exercises modeled after an NFL combine, in addition to spin classes and yoga. After touring the school with representatives from GL Homes and showing them the existing fitness facilities, the company expressed their support of Peccia’s vision, and the agreement to make the donation was born.

An abundance of new equipment was ordered, including exercise mats, a stationary bike, yoga mats and stability balls. GL Homes’ donation also covered the cost of a brand new sound system.

“Students, teachers, and the community love all the new equipment,” Peccia said. “Everyone is so pleased with the new experience, and all of our students now have access to physical education.”

To recognize their donation, GL Homes was recently honored by the School Board for their generous contribution. Sarah Alsofrom, Director of Community Relations, and Nicole Muscarella, Vice President and Project Manager from GL Homes, were on hand at the Board meeting to receive the recognition. “Physical fitness is important and we want to start early and get them on the right track,” Alsofrom said.

Physical education is an elective at the school, and in the past, students weren’t as engaged in the various fitness activities. That changed with the introduction of the new fitness equipment, and students immediately noticed a difference.

“It’s so much better. We can actually work out and use our muscles and be active,” said Jaden Butera, a 7th grade student at the school.



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