Honoring 2nd Trimester Academic and Athletic Achievers at Rosarian Academy

April 2017

Rosarian Academy held an awards ceremony March 31 to honor and recognize its middle school students with exceptional academic performance and athletic achievements during the second trimester of the school year.


Rosarian Academy held an awards ceremony March 31 to honor and recognize its middle school students with exceptional academic performance and athletic achievements during the second trimester of the school year.

Five students—Mercedes Cassidy (7th), Madison Fabbri (7th), Blair Haft (7th), Devyn Dyett (8th), and Gabriela Faber (8th)—were recognized for achieving Highest Academic Honors (All “A’s” in the second trimester and on all exams). Two students received Accelerated Reader awards for having read 300,000 words or more since the start of the school year: +800,000 words—Madison Fabbri (7th); +1,400,000 words—Blair Haft (7th). Eighth-grade students selected as Kiwanis Students of the Month were recognized: Drew O’Brien (January), Gabi Faber (February). Twenty-eight sixth-through-eighth-grade students received First Honors for holding a grade point average of 10 or higher: eighth grade—Gemma Conroy, Hope Diffenderfer, Marlowe Dunn Flom, Lorenzo Escobar, Bettina Johnston, Javier Keough, Sophia Mendez, Drew O’Brien, Max Sanderson; seventh grade—Maggie Acosta, Christian Azqueta, Wilder Breckenridge, Joseph Coates, Macarena Gonzalez, Emma Hardyman; sixth grade—Sabrina Bernstein, Bobby Brown, Thomas Coates, Lily Guari, Stephen Hall, MJ Hanlon, Ava Iuliani, Crede Janson, Sabrina Keough, Jack Mischke, Mia Pariseleti, Victoria Reynolds, and Parker Ward. Twenty-three sixth-through-eighth-grade students also received Second Honors for holding a grade point average of 7 or higher: eighth grade—Isabella  Fiorentino, Aidan Griffiths, Alana Marchese; seventh grade—Jamis Bornschein, Caleb Curtis, Lily Diffenderfer, Brandon Dorsey, Zachary German, Delaney Groth, Jack Keough, Robbie Vargas; sixth grade—Katarina Bessenroth, Sabrina Bessenroth, Matthew Castro, Matthew Cohen, Alexander Fulton, Valery Gonzalez, Liam Landers, Alina Morrison, Kendal Perry, Matthew Rancic, Nicholas Scully, and Louis Townsend. Double E awards were given to ten students who received excellent marks for conduct in all core and co-curricular subjects in the second trimester: Marlowe Dunn Flom (8th), Gabriela Faber (8th), Mercedes Cassidy (7th), Madison Fabbri (7th), Macarena Gonzalez (7th), Blair Haft (7th), Sabrina Bernstein (6th), Crede Janson (6th), Sabrina Keough (6th), and Victoria Reynolds (6th). Winners of the school-level Religion, Geography and Spelling Bees were recognized: Marlowe Dunn Flom (8th), Mercedes Cassidy (7th), Sabrina Bessenroth (6th), and Brewer Rehm (5th) won the Religion Bee; Christian Azqueta (7th) won the Geography Bee; and Madison Fabbri (7th) won the Spelling Bee.   

All students who participated in a winter sport—soccer, basketball and cheerleading—were acknowledged. In loving memory of Oakley Debbs , all of the boys’ soccer team players received the Most Valuable Team Award. In addition, Oakley's jersey, #20, was retired and will be commemoratively displayed on campus. Both the girls’ soccer team and the girls’ basketball team were applauded as the 2016/17 Palm Beach Independent School Athletic Conference Champions. The following student-athletes received awards: Girls’ Varsity Soccer—Bella Vega-Dadurian (8th) / Heart Award, Isabella Fiorentino (8th) / Most Improved, Madison Fabbri (7th) / Offensive Player of the Year, Logan McGruder (7th) / Competitive Drive Award; Boys’ Varsity Basketball—Jamis Bornschein (7th) / Most Valuable Player, Caleb Curtis (7th) / Sportsmanship, Aidan Griffiths (8th) / Most Improved, Drew O’Brien (8th) / Defensive Player of the Year; Boys’ JV Basketball—Coz Carpenter (8th) / Most Valuable Player, Remi Beaud (8th) / Sportsmanship, John Molina (8th) / Most Improved, Wilder Breckenridge (7th) / Most Coachable; Girls’ Basketball—Bella Vega Dadurian (8th) / Coach’s Choice, Maggie Acosta (7th) / Clutch Player Award, Gemma Conroy (8th) / Most Improved, Devyn Dyett (8th) / Titan Award, Isabella Fiorentino (8th) / Unsung Hero; Girls’ Cheerleading— Kaitlin Koch (5th) / Most Valuable Player, Natalie Acosta (5th) / Most Valuable Player, Layna Steele (5th) / Most Spirit. 

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