Interactive hologram demonstration featured at West Palm Beach school

April 2017

Teachers and adults at the Greene School had a chance to look at some cool technology.

By wearing special glasses, they looked at interactive holograms of the human body, our solar system and the inside and outside of buildings.

Billionaire, Jeff Greene, invited people to demonstrate the Microsoft Hololens.

"My wife Mei Sze and I were at the World Economic forum in Davos and this was the most exciting exhibit for all of the world leaders to see," Greene said.

Greene is the founder of the Greene School, which just opened in September.

Children ages, 4-10 attend the school, which has low teacher-to-student ratios.

It's a primary school where students are encouraged to explore, question, practice, make mistakes, create and imagine.

Greene said they are getting the necessary skills to succeed in a global economy.

Attorney and television personality, Star Jones, visited the school Tuesday morning.

Filmmaker, Oliver Stone was there too.




They both toured the school.


The hololense blends a mixed world environment.


It's not designed for anyone under 13-years old.


But Greene said he hopes that will change.


"Hopefully we'll be one of the first to get it here it at the Greene school."

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