Irma Brings Out Best in Us; PBA Ready to Resume

September 2017

After the last 10 days of dealing with the approach, onslaught and now aftermath of Irma, we're proud of the character and resilience shown by Palm Beach Atlantic University students, faculty and staff.

 Taylor Smythe, Rinker Residence Hall resident director, likes the brotherhood he sees.

Today, PBA students begin returning to campus and residence halls. Our partners at Aramark have worked hard to get Fraser Dining Hall ready to open at noon Friday. Normal class schedules begin in Monday.

Here is a look at how various members of the PBA community view their experience:

“A group of five student leaders came to stay with my family at my parent’s house. We did lose power but it allowed for good conversation. After the storm we all pitched in to help the neighborhood cut down branches and clean up neighbors’ yards. It was fun getting to see the students interact with my family and for everyone to get to know each other better.” -- Isom Rigell, resident director of Oceanview Hall

“Everyone was able to get somewhere safe with their hurricane plans that were put in place at the beginning of the school year. We’ve been calling to make sure everyone is safe and able to return to campus. All of the RDs walked through the dorms to assess anything that needed to be done to make sure everything is up and running for students to arrive.” -- Taylor Smythe, resident director of Rinker Hall

 Chelly Templeton
Chelly Templeton

“I went to Georgia with my roommate during the hurricane. I had never been to Georgia so it was a lot of fun to be there. We called it a little hurrication. But I am very happy to be back and get into the swing of things again.” -- Kaitlyn Menjivar, junior

“Health & Wellness is back and were ready to take care of students. We have our blood drive on campus next week (Sept. 19) for students, faculty and staff to help give back to those affected by the recent storms.” -- Melissa Eha, nurse practitioner

“We want to make sure people feel welcomed and excited to come back. We really want to set the tone of hospitality because we know in times like these many can feel overwhelmed.” -- Anne Patterson, resident director of Baxter Hall

“I’ve been amazed seeing the community come together throughout Hurricane Irma. The city has reached out to us asking for help cleaning up the parks. I look forward to the students coming back and being a part of the effort to help others who were affected.” -- Nathan Chau, assistant director for Workship

“One of the most encouraging things was that we’re all praying for each other and that we’re all concerned for each other. In a sense this all drew us closer as a family.” -- Chelly Templeton, interim dean of the School of Education and Behavioral Studies/associate professor of education

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