Johnson Scholarship Day Commemorates Education Investment

March 2018

About 80 students recently had the rare opportunity to meet and thank the foundation representatives who support their education through the Johnson Scholarship Foundation.


Foundation President Malcolm Macleod said that it was a thrill to meet many of the students who receive grants. He went on to talk about the two people who brought the Foundation and the University together, PBA’s founding board chairman Dr. Donald E. Warren and Theodore Johnson.

Describing Warren as a “man of unshakeable faith and a smart guy,” Macleod talked about the founding of PBA as a place to educate people who could go out into the world to slow the moral decline of America. Though Theodore Johnson wasn’t a particularly religious man, according to Macleod, he was “a conservative in the sense that he was prudent, respectful, careful and wanting to conserve for the future.” Johnson saw many of those values in PBA students and that supporting their education was a good investment in the future of society.

 Foundation President Malcom Macleod and Bill Fleming
Foundation President Malcolm Macleod (left) and
Palm Beach Atlantic President Bill Fleming

Palm Beach Atlantic is the Foundation’s single biggest grantee because “Mr. Johnson wanted to invest in society” and chose the students of Palm Beach Atlantic as “a vehicle for that investment.”

“If you really want to thank the Johnson Scholarship Foundation, if you really want to thank the leaders of this college who are providing you this educational opportunity, go out into the world and make a difference,” Macleod told the students. “Go out and live your lives. Be respective, be humble and be conservative in every good sense of the word, and you will have paid us back a million times over.” 

Macleod and Johnson Foundation Chief Financial Officer Richard A. Krause, Program Officer Sharon Wood and Program Specialist Lady Hereford took part in a speed networking session to talk with many of the students about their studies and their career plans. A group photo commemorated the evening.

About the Johnson Scholarship Foundation

Dedicated to creating paths to brighter futures, the Johnson Scholarship Foundation has invested in possibilities for over 25 years. Through thoughtful planning and strategic partnerships, the Foundation has built a network of innovative funding programs and progressive relationships with some of the country’s most respected and important community programs, schools, colleges and universities. Through the vision of founder, Theodore R. Johnson, the Foundation has quietly and confidently enabled the education of thousands of disabled, economically disadvantaged and Indigenous Peoples.

With a mission of hope, encouragement and dedication, The Foundation believes that through education, all things are possible - careers are born, citizens become responsible and people become productive members of society.

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