Lake Worth High School Grad Worked All Night, Studied All Day

December 2017

Lake Worth High School Class of 2017 graduate Pasquale Francisco Felipe not only balanced the demands of high school while learning English, he did it while also working from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. every school night. “I sleep a little bit after school, but then I have to go to work,” Pasquale said.


“I do feel tired and sleepy, but I have my goals,” he said. “I have to stand how tired I am because studying for me is important.”

Not only did Pasquale find the energy to go to school each day, the school’s interim principal, Elvis Epps recognized that Pasquale served as spirited encouragement to other students at the school each day, rarely missing class and making friends between classes. 

Despite the long hours, Pasquale’s desire to push through and continue his school work is deeply rooted. He moved to the United States three years ago from Guatemala. “School will give me a future,” he said. “I need to take advantage of the opportunity here. My parents couldn’t give me the opportunity to go to school and work in Guatemala, and that’s the reason I work hard now.”

That, and he needs to raise the money to pay for his next goal: Attending Palm Beach State College to become a teacher.

“[Lake Worth High School] has supported me a lot,” Pasquale says. “They told me I can do it and that has been my drive.”

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