Local Pastor Enrolls in Leadership Program

August 2017

The Masters of Science and Leadership program allows students to prepare to serve the world at a higher level as a leader and reach their potential. These students take what they learn and directly apply it to their line of work. For one student, Father Mario Castaneda, the workplace is the parish of St. John Fisher Church in West Palm Beach as he serves as its pastor.

Father Mario serves on the board at St. Mary’s Medical Center along with PBA President William M. B. Fleming, Jr. Castaneda was born and studied in Columbia and was later ordained in the Stockton Diocese of California. He has been with the Palm Beach Diocese since 2002 and has served at different levels in many different churches. Castaneda has been pastor of St. John Fisher for eight years.

Castaneda decided to enroll in the program at PBA in order to become a better Christian leader in today’s community. He has expressed his excitement over the classes he’s been taking. The masters of science and leadership program enrolls people from very diverse professions.

“We have students from the medical profession, police service/SWAT, fire service, social service, business supervisors, non-profit sector, education, county government, judicial system, global sales/consulting, and ministry,” says Dr. Nicholas Palmieri, professor of adult education.

“Already, I have seen what I’ve learned in these classes help me in the parish,” says Castaneda. “PBA has helped me build my confidence in leading people in and out of the church.”

He named three of the most important things he’s learned about being a great leader; pathos, logos and ethos. He explained that in going to school, you can attain logos through the information you learn.

“It is so important to have pathos because the people want a passionate leader,” says Castaneda. “Ethos is living with integrity and you cannot be a good leader without integrity.”

“My vision as a leader is to transform the community from individual pursuits to a servant community where we take care of one another,” says Castaneda.

Professor of Leadership Studies Dr. Jim Laub and Palmieri have both agreed that Castaneda has brought incredible value to the leadership classes.

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