Lynn University: motivated students, scholarships change the game.

February 2018

A scholarship is so much more than money. It’s a confidence boost, a motivator, a family stress reliever and, according to recent research, it’s a clear pathway to higher graduation rates.

A 2016 study from the University of Mississippi followed the progress of 11,000 scholarship students enrolled in community college. Within six years, 85 percent of them had graduated. Compare that with just 40 percent of non-scholarship students.  

“Receiving a scholarship is a big deal,” said Taryn Hamill, associate director in the Office of Admission. “As a scholarship recipient during my time as a Lynn student, I can attest to the adage that ‘every dollar counts.’ Today, I see firsthand the difference even a few hundred dollars can make in the lives of our students and their ability to continue their education at Lynn.”

Students on the receiving end say a scholarship does more than bridge the gap between what they can afford and what college costs. It also propels them to their degree and to a more hopeful, fulfilling future.

Jovani Williams

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Viola performance 

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica 

Power play: To gain a spot in the conservatory, he switched from violin to viola his senior year of high school despite having never played it before, taking remote lessons from Ralph Fielding via Skype. 

Dream job: Professional musician  

Scholarship: Full-tuition Conservatory of Music Scholarship

“This scholarship takes a load off my parents. Beyond the scholarship, though, I’m just honored to be a student here. I see myself in the same capacity someday: Being a donor would be the perfect way to thank the donors who have made my education possible.” 

Fun fact: doesn’t like reggae

Julia Gordon

Julia Gordon

Year: Junior 

Major: Digital art and design 

Hometown: New Albany, Ohio 

Power plays: President, Hillel; vice president, Chabad; Debate Club and Rotaract Club

Dream job: Jewelry designer 

Scholarships: Dr. Harold & Janet Wayser Endowed Scholarship, Martha Gudelsky Endowed Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship

“The Wayser Scholarship helps pay for tutoring at the Institute for Achievement and Learning, which I need for my Dialogues classes. If I didn’t have scholarships, I don’t think I would have been able to afford Lynn. And that would have been awful, because I love it here.” 

Fun fact: graduate of Gemological Institute

Maco Monthervil

Maco Monthervil

Year: Graduate student

Specialization: Communication and media studies 

Hometown: Boynton Beach, Florida

Power play: Café de Cave, Celebration of the Arts

Dream job: Anything with people, writing and music

Scholarship: College of Communication and Design graduate assistantship 

“My father was unexpectedly deported, which made it almost impossible for me to go to school. But I chose to further my education because my parents sacrificed too much for me. The opportunity to be a graduate assistant has allowed me to immerse myself in campus life.” 

Fun fact: speaks Creole and French

Caroline Sweeney

Caroline Sweeney

Year: Freshman 

Major: Undecided  

Hometown: Bristol, Rhode Island 

Power play: Runs cross country and track 

for the Fighting Knights

Dream job: She’s a freshman—give her time!  

Scholarship: Alumni Pay It Forward Endowed Scholarship

“My parents have made educating us a priority, but with four daughters in the family, we have to make sacrifices for this to happen. The financial support of this scholarship makes me feel better, knowing my sisters’ educational paths won’t be as heavily affected by my expenses.” 

Fun fact: competitive horseback rider 

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