July 2018

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) selected Lynn University to join the Consortium on Instructional Excellence.


The new initiative will train up to 500 faculty members from 26 institutions nationwide to use evidence-based teaching practices to embed career guidance into existing courses. Participating colleges include Concordia University Texas, Elmhurst College in Illinois, Husson University in Maine, Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, Wesleyan University in Georgia and more.

Starting this fall, Catherine Wharton, director of the Diagnostic Center for Educational Assessment at Lynn, will lead and mentor 20 faculty members through the learning modules developed by the consortium.

“Lynn is a place where faculty members not only support students during their time on campus, but throughout their careers,” said Wharton. “Participation in the consortium will further Lynn’s mission to provide the education, support and environment that enables students to realize their full potential in the real world.”

The program includes four online learning modules with 25 total units. Faculty will complete one unit per week throughout the 2018 –19 academic year. Instructors from various colleges will participate to ensure campus-wide implementation. This course will complement Lynn’s preexisting programs for student success, such as the Hannifan Center for Career Connections and the Sylvester Center at the Institute for Achievement and Learning.

“This new program prepares faculty members to develop students’ critical thinking, leadership, interpersonal, professional skills and more, which are all crucial to success in obtaining and keeping a job,” said Dr. Penny MacCormack, ACUE’s chief academic officer. “These new modules go a step further to guide faculty members in providing specific career examples and skills assessments throughout their coursework.”

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