Microscopes Help Local Students Broaden Scientific Knowledge

August 2017

The biology department at Palm Beach Atlantic recently donated dissecting microscopes to Conniston Middle School, Palm Beach Gardens Elementary and Katz Yeshiva High School.

The dissecting microscopes are used for larger scale items to see them more closely and in turn have a clearer, more accurate evaluation. Nine microscopes in total were donated.

“We’re glad to donate knowing these elementary, middle and high schools could use this type of equipment,” said Dr. Robert Hegna, assistant professor of biology.

PBA’s biology department seeks to donate whenever they receive upgrades. This summer they received new microscopes with better magnification and built in lights. Therefore, they wanted to put their old microscopes to good use.

In a lower level lab class, these microscopes will work great for the students so that they may become familiar with more than one kind of microscope, Hegna said. This type of equipment can be difficult to access in public schools and will allow students to broaden their knowledge of science.


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