Middle School Students Show Passion for Nursing

November 2017

Middle school students took a walk in the shoes of a nursing student during the Nursing Consortium of South Florida’s annual Day in the Life of a Nurse event at Palm Beach Atlantic. Thirty students from the pre-medical program at L.C. Swain Middle School attended the event and participated through various nursing skills activities.

Cody Peters, a senior from Christmas, Florida, and Megan Smith, a resident of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida who is pursuing an additional bachelor’s in nursing, directed a Q&A session with the students. They answered a variety of questions about certain situations in the nursing career and about studying nursing in college.

During the Q&A session, students shared where they found their desire for the medical field with Peters and Smith.

“My mom works in labor and delivery and she always taught me to be my best,” said middle school student Nylah Hernandez. “I want to be a surgeon to be able to help people and provide for my family.”

The nursing students led the middle school class into the skills lab for several hands-on activities. Students were guided through activity stations about dehydration, glow germs, vital signs, and heart and lung sounds.

Libby Korwin, a senior from Sarasota, Florida, and Star Julien, a junior from Boynton Beach, Florida, led the students in a dehydration information session. They instructed the students on the signs of dehydration and the proper steps to relieve it.

During the glow germ activity, Livi Daigle, a junior from Kissimmee, Florida, and Emily Cropper, a senior from Maryland, demonstrated the proper way to wash your hands and the proper times to do so.

Junior nursing students, Jenni Gomez from Greenacres, Florida, and Tina Paul from Wellington, Florida, taught the students how to take a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory, temperature, oxygen saturation and pain level in a vital signs activity.

Kristine Martin, a senior from Illinois, taught the students the variety of heart and lung sounds in an activity with a mannequin. The students listened to different lung sounds including clear, wheezing, and coarse and fine crackles.

Teamwork and laughter ended the day as the students tested their knowledge of the topics discussed in the skills lab with a game of Family Feud – nursing edition.

heart and lung sounds activity


Glow germ activity


Vital signs activity

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