MSL Students Find Travel Transformative

June 2017

Travel studies that expand coursework beyond the boundaries of campus can be transformative for students. But Joshua Jackson the outstanding graduate of the MacArthur School of Leadership in May, realized that the impact of his recent experiences in Berlin and Prague will extend to those whom he leads.

Jackson wrote in his final portfolio, “The difference this trip made in my life isn’t necessarily something that can be explained. But, I hope the changes can be felt by others and the leader I am working to become.”

He joined other students enrolled in the MacArthur School of Leadership’s Global Management course Rebecca Gedeon and Dana Raymond along with MSL alumna Michele Kalsbeck ´17 and Assistant Professor of Leadership and Management Audy Johnston. Their group joined Rinker School of Business students and Professor of Accounting Dr. Claire Nash.

The group’s itinerary consisted of meetings with business leaders and employees of the U.S. Embassy and Mash Up Communications. They also heard from local entrepreneurs and upper-level management and leaders of several organizations.

The MSL students completed extensive pre-trip research, an executive summary written project and a presentation as part of their coursework.  The culminating assignment was a portfolio and personal reflection on their academic, professional and personal learning as a result of the international component of the course.

Johnston said that the street art tour in Berlin was a standout among the group’s multiple cultural visits.  As the trip came to a close, the students expressed how their personal and professional lives were forever transformed from all they had experienced, she said

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