Music Students Get Royal Treatment

February 2018

Music students recently had the opportunity to learn from members of the trumpet section of London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Dr. Dennis Hayslett, professor and director of Instrumental Music Studies, and James Estes, PBA trumpet instructor, organized the event to give local students access to a rare occasion to learn from some of the world’s most respected musicians.

The orchestra members James Fountain, principal trumpet; Michael Allen, co-principal trumpet; and Adam Wright, second trumpet; presented a class/demonstration on “The Exposition of the Orchestral Trumpet Section.”

They spent the first half of the workshop demonstrating and answering questions which included: Who are we and what exactly do we do? How do we work together and function as a cohesive musical unit? How do we work as a whole within the entire orchestra? To illustrate these concepts, the musicians performed numerous excerpts from many well-known symphonic works.

During the remaining time, the professionals coached and gave performance advice to numerous student performers. Attendees also had the opportunity to try out new technology designed to aid musicians with breath support that was provided by Lung Trainers, Inc. from Miami. 



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