NSU Professor Featured on International Fishing Show

May 2017

Over a dozen students at the Palm Beach Regional Campus generously donated a few hours of their time in early 2016 for the unique opportunity for “15 minutes of fame.”


Research led by Nathan Unger, Pharm.D., AAHVIP, assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy, was again featured on the international television series Chasing Monsters (a.k.a. Wild Catch or Fishing Adventurer). He originally appeared in the series which aired in the United Kingdom and Canada in 2015 and is now streaming on Netflix at https://www.netflix.com/title/80092415.

Cyril Chauquet, the television series host contacted Unger to film a follow-up episode on his original research investigating antibiotic resistance in the oral flora of shark species. The episode was filmed on location at the NSU Palm Beach Campus, predominately in the pharmaceutical compounding lab. Students had the opportunity to interact with the series host, producer, and cameraman, and gained valuable insight into the complexities of composing a television program. The crew was particularly impressed by the professionalism of the students and the fact that so many students attended on their day off. The trailer for the first season of the series, which includes an appearance by Unger, can be seen at https://vimeo.com/138628146


Full article:http://www.nova.edu/campuses/wpb/forms/palm-beach-newsletter.pdf

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