Palmetto ES Teacher Named LifeChanger Award Winner

November 2017

Michele Mohl was surprised by school staff, family and representatives from the National Life Group as she was named as a LifeChanger of the Year Award winner. Mohl is a Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) teacher/school-based team leader/teacher on assignment at Palmetto Elementary School in West Palm Beach.

“Selfless” was a word used repeatedly as a video made by the students interviewing Mohl’s colleagues played. The word seemed most fit when she was asked to give a speech in reaction to the prize. “All I can say is thank you,” Mohl whispered.

“She’s a busy bee,” Principal Gladys Harris told students. “There are a lot of things she does here that we don’t even realize she does.”

As part of her presentation, it was noted by representatives from the National Life Group that Mohl’s nomination page had received more than 930 comments, more than any nominee in the history of the award.

One notable comment was shared and really captures the impact that she has made on everyone she’s worked with:

“With this ladys [sic] help I can read and write in English now. She taught my children at Palmetto every day then came to my house afterschool and teached [sic] my wife and I how to read. We know have better jobs and are able to support our family. I have known Mrs. Mohl for over ten years, my children are now in high school and college and I will always be owe her because of it and always remember what she has done for me and my family and so many other families. She gave us food when we needed it, toys for our kids at Christmas and even got glasses for my daughter when she could not see. She never asked for anything for her time excepted a hug and a smile, who gets paid that way excepted a HERO. Thank you kind lady. You will be our hero forever.”

Click here for Facebook Live video of the surprise.

Mohl was nominated by her principal Gladys Harris who said in her nomination:

Michelle Mohl mentors teachers, assists the children in Palmetto Elementary’s EBD [Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities] unit, and has even opened a bike shop where students are able to fix bikes and donate them to families in need.

She has coordinated garage sales and school events and works with outside agencies in helping the students. Whether it’s for fundraising or tutoring, she is available any time during the day or night.

Ms. Mohl is also responsible for the school’s food bank. She packs meals for families every week and makes sure the food bank is stocked. She oversees and, at times, hand delivers meals to the school’s families and other local families in need. There is no one she has said “no” to. In fact, she has adopted in her heart one of the students that attends Palmetto and does everything a grandparent or parent would do for a child. Ms. Mohl organizes the holiday food and toy drive, making deliveries as needed. If they are short, she pulls out of her own pocket to cover the expenses.

There is nothing that she wouldn’t do for the students and families of Palmetto, and for that, she is an outstanding LifeChanger! Click here for the complete nomination and comments by those she has touched.

About the LifeChanger of the Year award: LifeChanger of the Year is an annual program funded and run by National Life Group and the National Life Group Foundation that recognizes and rewards K-12 educators and school employees from around the country. The program aims to honor those who are making a significant difference in the lives of students by exemplifying excellence, positive influence and leadership.

Mohl was awarded $1,500 for herself and another $1,500 for her school  and will be honored at an event in Naples in April.

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