Preparing for Hurricane Irma: Kid-Friendly Storm Materials and Tips

September 2017

As South Florida prepares for the effects of Hurricane Irma, your children may have questions about hurricanes and what could happen during a storm. There are many resources available for parents and educators that help explain everything from how hurricanes form, to how to help children cope with disasters. from the U.S. Department of Homeland Securityhas resources for parents and educators, including emergency planning with children and helping answer children’s questions in the aftermath of a natural disaster.’s “Helping Children Cope” page includes parent questions and child psychologists’ answers, broken down by age group.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management’s offers games, stories and fun facts for children, and guides for parents and teachers.

Weather Wiz Kids and National Geographic Kids offer kid-friendly information about how hurricanes form, hurricane vocabulary and safety tips for hurricanes.

For those parents and educators who are seeking tips for explaining hurricanes to children, here are some good articles:

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