President Fleming Presents Scholarship Awards

July 2017

President William Fleming discussed PBA’s American Free Enterprise statement during his presentation of the Ann Roberts Scholarship Awards at the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches.

During Fleming’s presentation of the awards, he explained that PBA respectfully embraces the good and the bad that make us an exceptional nation. Suitable to the location of the event, Fleming passed out PBA’s American Free Enterprise Statement. 

The statement says, “PBA believes that America is truly an exceptional nation, which was founded and has flourished under the guiding providential hand of God. We aim to develop in each of our students an appreciation for the unique American achievement in its many dimensions—social, political, economic, moral, legal, and religious.”

The Ann Roberts Scholarship was presented to Madison Andrews a student at Palm Beach State College, Jessica Blakely a student at Belmont University, Jenna Calderaio a student at Florida State University, Lauren Staff a student at University of Florida, and Ryan Walker a student at Stetson Law School.



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