Reece Named New Campus Safety Director

November 2017

Douglas Reece, of Royal Palm Beach, Florida, has joined the University as Director of Campus Safety & Security. Reece earned his master’s degree in organizational leadership from PBA in 2005. He is a retired captain with the Palm Beach County’s Sheriff’s Office and provides leadership development and counseling to others.

 Douglas Reece

In his role, Reece is responsible for serving as the primary contact between the University and external agencies in regard to safety and security issues/concerns. He is also an active member of the University’s Crisis Management Team. In the administrative side of his role, he manages the departmental budget and the security content on the external websites.

Prior to serving with the Sheriff’s Office, Reece was a firefighter/ EMT for four years. For 10 years Reece served with the Sheriff’s Office as a deputy sheriff. For the next seven years he served as a sergeant obtaining certifications in a variety of areas. He worked as a lieutenant for three years before being promoted to the rank of captain for the remainder of his career with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Throughout his time in law enforcement, Reece received a wide variety of specialized training. These certifications include training in domestic violence, prevention and response to suicide bombing incidents, FBI terrorism awareness, weapons of mass destruction, active shooter, anger management, and many more.

Aside from his law enforcement experience, Reece owns a leadership consulting firm after having obtained a coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker certification from the John C. Maxwell certification program.

Reece is married with two sons, one of whom is currently training in the police academy.

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