School-Related Employee of the Year Described as the Heart of Her School

March 2018

The woman described as “The heart of Congress Middle School” was surprised and celebrated Thursday as the District’s School-Related Employee of the Year winner.


A group of family and friends along with school administration, Superintendent Robert Avossa, and even her pastor, staged in the media center to reveal the news that the principal’s confidential secretary, Angie Rolle had been selected as this year’s winner.

“We have nearly 25,000 employees in this district and received hundreds and hundreds of applications [for the award]. And you are the only one selected,” Dr. Avossa said. “She embodies everything that we expect from our employees.”

Rolle, who has been at the District for 26 years, and at Congress Middle School for the past five,, is the principal’s confidential secretary at the Boynton Beach school. In her position, she is responsible for the master calendar, payroll and assisting the principal with the daily operations of the school.

But what sets Rolle apart is what she does that goes beyond her job in the office. She serves as the coach for the school’s robotics team, is co-sponsor of the intramural track team, mentors girls on the school’s step team and, known as “DJ Angie”, volunteers to play the music for the school’s dances, pep rallies and incentive programs.

Even more special though, is Rolle’s ability to connect with individual students who are in need of a shoulder. Middle school is undoubtedly a tough time for many children, and Rolle is able to spot those students who may not be fitting in, learn about them and help them find their peers peers who share their same interests.

“This is really about the children,” Rolle said. “Everything is about the children. I love everyone and am here for everyone, but the children come first.”

She’s a shoulder for the students who are having trouble at home, feeds the students who are hungry from a stash of snacks she keeps in her office and organizes a shoe and clothing collection and distribution so that the children can have pride in themselves. Rolle has even been known to mend a pant seam or fix a skirt so that students don’t lose valuable class time.

“She always puts everyone above herself,” said Congress Middle School principal Denise O’Connor, who has worked with Rolle for 16 years. “She is the Yin to my Yang, my right hand. She is my everything.” And the feeling is mutual as the two embraced in tears. Before O’Connor could get the words “I love you” out of her mouth, Rolle quick said “I love you, too.”


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