April 2018

April is National School Library Month, a time to celebrate what is often the heart of the school; a place where history is tucked between the pages and imagination is sparked with great stories. Schools across the District are recognizing the month with guest speakers and assemblies.


Berkshire Elementary School held storytimes April 2-6 for third grade classes to visit the media center and learn about Kermit the Newf, the story of a Newfoundland dog and his ability to help a little boy who was afraid of him, find comfort by reading to the furry dog.

There was some snoring during the story, but not from the students. Rather, the guests of honor Kermit the Dog and Fozzie Bear splayed out at their family’s feet while mom, Molly Tischler and daughter Bonnie Giacovelli read to the children. The giggles from the children sometimes awoke the dogs to give a stretch and doze back off, but the children enjoyed every page of the book written by the mother-daughter duo.

After the story, Molly and Bonnie told the students about the two years they put into creating the book. “Reading gets you everywhere,” Molly said. “You need to read to get to write.”

After the storytime, organized by the school’s media specialist Paula Bodner, each child received a copy of the book, complete with Kermit’s “paw-degraph” to take home thanks to a grant from an anonymous source who has covered the cost of printing and the travel of the family and the dogs to share their story with students around the country.

At Barton Elementary School, students gathered to hear speaker Todd Bol talk about his idea that sparked a movement that can be spotted outside the school, just outside the school’s library and several places throughout the county. 

Bol founded the little library program that places small, originally decorated boxes where users are encouraged to place a book they have already enjoyed inside, and others can borrow a book from the box. Students were also invited to an event where they visit a little library village, and perhaps spark some creativity to make a little library of their own to share their favorite books with friends.

Media specialist, Elizabeth Zdrodowski from Glades Central High School asked students to submit a note on “I love my library because…” and answers included that “it was a peaceful place to learn and freely express yourself and the librarians are amazing.”

Take time to stop by your school’s media center some time this month. Say thanks to the specialists and find your latest adventure available on the books. After all, as the welcome sign in the media center at Berkshire Elementary School says, “You discover you have wings when you open a book.”

Meet Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Newf and practice reading to them every Tuesday at the Mendel Library in West Palm Beach from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. and follow their adventures at

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