Study Abroad Offers Life Changing Experiences

February 2018

Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Rinker Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) offers a variety of study abroad programs for upperclassmen to participate in. Students can travel to places including London, Italy, Chile, Paris, New Zealand, Oxford, Edinburgh, Uganda and Prague.


David and Leighan Rinker, with the Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Foundation, established CEL. The center provides engaged, academic travel experiences for students. Educational benefits of the programs include understanding the history and culture of the country visited, as well as increasing employability.

Danielle Hawk, CEL coordinator, noted that the most popular programs take place in Edinburgh, Italy and London.

“Study abroad semesters are so much more than a great experience for them [the students],” said Hawk. “Their time abroad gives them a deeper appreciation for people different than themselves, it expands their worldview and challenges them to be a better citizen of the world.”

The University of Edinburgh enrolls PBA students who choose to study abroad in this cultural capital. The safe and prosperous city entails an abundance of parks, entertainment, arts, culture and sports. This program is great for students interested in biblical and theological studies, communication, cross-cultural studies, history, English, international business and philosophy.

Students who participate in the “three-in-one” semester in Italy are enrolled at Lorenzo de’ Medici School and can study in Rome, Tuscany and Venice. The Italy semester abroad is perfect for those who are interested in art restoration, design, film and archaeology.

“Being able to study abroad has changed my life and I’m so grateful that the CEL department made that possible. Italy will always be a home to me and I feel like my experience was a dream come true,” said Alexandria Darr, senior dance major from Champions Gate, Florida.

The University of Roehampton, London’s only campus university, enrolls PBA students who participate in the Londonsemester abroad. The University of Roehampton has a broad range of expertise across the areas of education, arts and humanities, human and life sciences and social sciences. Students can experience the cultural richness varying through interests in music, film, art, sports and business.

“This experience helped me to evolve more as a person and gave me new world perspectives that are impossible to attain while studying in the States,” said Ben Corbin, sophomore history major from Virginia.

Jenny Jensen ’14, originally from New York, described her semester abroad in London as the highlight of her college experience. The marketing graduate completed an internship at a marketing/public relations agency during her semester abroad, which she says has been an asset to her professional career today.

“London may not seem much different than the U.S., but it’s a melting pot, which broadened my worldview and made me better able to understand other people and cultures,” she said.

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