When it Comes to Tools for Schools, Publix Delivers

October 2017

There were more than 360,000 pencils packed into dozens of boxes. And as car after car moved slowly through the line, driven by teachers and administrators on an early Saturday morning, an estimated 100 Publix Super Market volunteers were there to greet them with that same familiar smile we are so used to seeing at the checkout line.


Boxes full of paper, glue, pens, markers and other supplies were made available to the 113 Title 1 Schools in a collaborative partnership between Publix, The United Way of Palm Beach County and the School District in an annual effort called “Tools for Schools”.  It is a meaningful initiative to ensure that students in some of the neediest schools are given the basic classroom supplies that all too often fall on the shoulders of hard working teachers to go out and purchase with their own money.

An initiative Tim Redding, Publix Regional Director, is very familiar with.  Tim was on hand to see the massive effort made by these volunteers, as he has in years past.

“The looks and the appreciation on those faces of those that are picking up the supplies for their local schools, it gives you a sense of pride and it makes you feel you did a little bit more at the end of the day,” said Mr. Redding.

Superintendent Robert Avossa was there as well to thank each of the people who volunteered time on their Saturday to drive up to Riviera Beach Preparatory and Achievement Academy and bring these supplies back to their campuses.  Alongside Dr. Avossa was Redding, as well as Dr. Seth Bernstein, Senior Vice President of Community Investment for the United Way of Palm Beach County.

“This is an amazing event.  There is such enthusiasm here.  The volunteers from Publix are just happy to donate their time.  This is the epitome of a private / public partnership,” said Bernstein.

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