Lynn University announces 2024 partner organizations for public service projects

Each year, students at Lynn University kick off the new year by serving and actively engaging with their community. Beginning Monday, Jan. 8, students will participate in community-engaged learning events with 23 local community partner organizations through Lynn’s annual Citizenship Project.

The Citizenship Project is a four-week program that gives students a unique chance to make a difference in their community through service and civic engagement. This inaugural experience for first-year students is a signature program within the term. During the fall semester, students choose an impact project and seek solutions for a civic issue, problem or topic. This groundwork sets the stage for their participation in active citizenship in January.

This year’s projects feature a number of new beneficiaries, including Peggy Adams Animal Rescue LeaguePalm Beach Children’s HospitalJustin Bartlett Animal RescueHagen Road Elementary SchoolMilagro CenterThe Quell Foundation and local police departments.

“I always try to guide my students to channel their passion,” said Anna Krift, professor of international relations and Citizenship Project director. “In the pursuit of passion being the driving force behind change, students find not only purpose but the fuel to steer transformative initiatives. Our journey involves guiding them towards a junction where personal enthusiasm converges with societal impact, fostering a profound commitment to creating positive change.”

Launched in 2012, the Citizenship Project encourages conversations on sustainability and social responsibility, while building the foundations for lifelong volunteerism and activism. Since its inception, Lynn students have devoted over 125,000 service hours to supporting local organizations.

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Source: Lynn University announces 2024 partner organizations for public service projects