Boca Middle Teacher Completes Elaborate Mural for Science Center

December 2019

If a trip to the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium is in your plans for winter break, be sure to take the time to check out the brand new mural representing humanity and energy that has just been completed by Ian Wiskoff, a teacher at Boca Community Middle School.


Wiskoff teaches Civics at the school, and he was commissioned by the museum to complete the mural, which “tells the story of mankind’s relationship and use of energy from the Big Bang to our modern era,” he says. 

He presented his idea to the museum and began the project in July, completing it earlier this month. “It was done over all of my weekends and whatever days I had off,” he said.

The mural, found in the second staircase to the newly refurbished observatory at the museum, is Wiskoff’s second mural at the Science Center. He completed his first mural, which depicts several space scenes, in 2017.

Wiskoff is a professional artist who paid for art school using the GI Bill after serving in the military. He says while art is his passion, he has always been a “history fan” and three years ago decided to go into teaching in Palm Beach County where is wife is also a teacher. 

Wiskoff is the sponsor of the Boca Middle Art Club and says he incorporates art into his Civics lessons. He also sketches drawings for his students as incentives and for their birthdays. 

“You’ve gotta find your happiness,” Wiskoff says of the love he has for his art. 

To see more of Wiskoff’s work, visit his website at
. To view the entire mural as Wiskoff narrates, watch this video: 

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