District Launches Website to Provide Resources For Talking About Race

June 2020

The School District of Palm Beach County is tasked with educating more than 190,000 children who are growing up in a community noted for its diversity. People of many different races and nationalities call Palm Beach County home, and as race-related issues take center stage nationwide, the effects are felt locally.


In response, the District has created a webpage with informative resources to help parents talk to their children about race. The website, Understanding Race and Fighting Racism - Helpful Resources for Parents and Students, contains helpful material to facilitate meaningful conversations about race.

Information is also provided to educate parents and students about important people in American history and their valuable contributions to society. Additionally, the webpage includes links to external sites that offer detailed educational information, relevant news coverage, and interactive videos.

Superintendent Donald E. Fennoy II had the opportunity to share his thoughts about current events with a national audience, as an invited guest on the television program MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi. Video from his appearance is available on the webpage.

The webpage also includes a video from the School Board Workshop on June 3 which began with heartfelt remarks by Dr. Fennoy. He talked openly about his personal experiences with racism, as well as his fears for his son as he navigates through the world.

“What you don’t know about me are all the decisions I live with daily, as it relates to raising this young man,” Dr. Fennoy said.

In his comments, the superintendent also expressed his commitment to using his position to make a difference and called upon everyone to work together for the common goal of creating a better future for all people.

“To our children, we raised them to live in this utopian world where we all get along. But I know the adults in this country have not lived up to that promise,” Dr. Fennoy said. “So I challenge all of us to figure this thing out. Be courageous, and hopefully put our children in a better position to do better than us.”

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