July 2018

Dr. Mariette Sourial was recognized by the Florida Pharmacy Association (FPA) as the recipient of the organization's highest honor, the James H. Beal - Pharmacist of the Year - Award during the Association's annual meeting held recently in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Jeff Lewis, dean of the Gregory School of Pharmacy said he was very encouraged to see faculty win the well-deserved honors.

"I am incredibly proud of Dr. Sourial for receiving this award. It's a well-deserved recognition of the selfless manner in which serves others; be it her profession, her patients and her community. Whether it's her students in the Gregory School of Pharmacy or under-served communities in Uganda, Dr. Sourial is a shining example of the servant-leader upon which our mission is based."

In addition, FPA noted Dr. Erin Dorval for her recent and ongoing research regarding the opioid crisis, out of Atlantis Pharmacy. (The pharmacy is owned by Damien Simmons.)

Dr. Dorval won the Cardinal Health Generation Rx Award (an initiative started several years ago in Ohio aimed at addressing the opioid addiction crisis via public education).

Lewis said, "Dr. Dorval has developed a progressive and novel community pharmacy practice by identifying and serving the needs of that nearby community. She is doing significant research on screening and treating for opioid addiction. I am very proud to see the Florida Pharmacy Association recognize her outstanding work in truly improving the lives of others through effective pharmacy practice."

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