Franchising Student Selected as International Fellow

October 2019

The German Franchise Association has chosen Paul Brockley for an international franchising fellowship offered through the Titus Center for Franchising.

Brockley, of Portage, Wisconsin, near Madison, is a senior studying marketing with a concentration in franchising.

As the international franchising fellow, Brockley identifies American franchise companies that are interested in exhibiting at Franchise Expo19 in Frankfurt and in joining a trade mission afterward. He researches opportunities for German franchisors to expand into the United States and for American franchisors to expand in Germany. At the conclusion of the fellowship, he will document his findings about the franchise markets in a publicly-available report.

The German Franchise Association based in Berlin, Germany, created the fellowship in the Titus Center. 

European Study Tour this spring, led by Titus Center Director Dr. John P. Hayes and Professor of Marketing Dr. Lawrence Burgee, piqued Brockley’s interest in international franchising, he said. Brockley and the other PBA students on the tour met German Franchise Association representatives while in Germany.

“They seemed like really knowledgeable people to work for and the kind of people you would want to mentor you,” Brockley said.

Brockley studied in Germany for seven months while he was a high school senior, he said. Brockley hopes the fellowship opens doors for him to return to work in Europe after he graduates from PBA.

Two weeks into the fellowship, he has already added international contacts to his networking portfolio. Hayes and the guest speakers in his classes have helped Brockley develop his professional side, he said.

“I’ve learned how to step out of my shell and call franchisors to tell them the benefits that international franchising can bring them,” Brockley said.

Photo: Paul Brockley, a senior studying marketing with a concentration in franchising, was chosen by the German Franchise Association as the international franchising fellow. Brockley poses for a photo in the Titus Center for Franchising.

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