January 2019

Before she came to Palm Beach Atlantic University, Stefani Glise ’18, a fitness aficionado from Clarkston, Michigan, never dreamed of being an entrepreneur. And yet, just a few days after graduation, the outstanding graduate for the Rinker School of Business launched an online fitness and nutrition coaching business that’s aligned with her healthylifestyle.

ForzaFit was the first step towards her long-term goal, which is to open up her own gym. For now, she’s happy working up a sweat at PBA’s Greene Complex, where she serves in the operations department, as well as assisting with strength and conditioning for Athletics.

“I’ve been a personal trainer for three years,” Glise writes in her site. “Growing up, my parents had always encouraged me and my siblings to play a sport or do something to stay active, but because I never found a sport I really liked, I started taking circuit training classes at my local gym freshman year of high school.”

Little did she know that only a few years later, she would be teaching that very class.

During that time, Glise was introduced to weightlifting and finally found the sport she really enjoyed. And that’s when her passion for fitness started to form. While still in high school, she obtained her personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and began training clients and teaching classes.

Glise quickly learned that personal training is a big business in America. In fact, IBISWorld reports illustrate that as of last year, this $10 billion-dollar industry projects those numbers will likely increase. Understanding that quite well, as soon as she came to PBA, her mind began to work overtime, piecing all the components together, such as getting her postsecondary business school education and advancing her training through NASM as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS).

According to Glise, this last accreditation has been a great addition to her training, affording her the opportunity to provide meal plans for her clients.  

Through it all, Glise found the PBA community to be a pillar of strength. From her friends and peers she’s learned to integrate her faith into her everyday life. “It’s shaped my morals and ethics, which in turn helps dictate my daily actions, including simple things like the way I interact with my peers and co-workers,” she said.

Professors such as Barbara Vander Werf, instructor of business management and director of undergraduate advising for the Rinker School of Business, have influenced also her greatly. “She illustrated such joy and passion every day in the classroom and showed genuine care for her students,” said Glise. “Her constant smile and drive was an inspiration to me to find my true passion and work toward my future goals.”

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