December 2018

Rosarian Academy held an awards ceremony Friday, November 30 to honor and recognize its middle school students with exceptional academic performance and lower and middle school students for athletic achievements during the first trimester of the school year.


8th grader Victoria Reynolds honored by Head of School Linda Trethewey for achieving Highest Academic Honors.

Five students were recognized for achieving Highest Academic Honors (All “A’s” in the first trimester and on all exams)—Stephen Hall (8th), Mia Pariseleti (8th), Victoria Reynolds (8th), James Smeenge (7th), Tucker Yavinsky (7th).  Four students received Accelerated Reader awards--for having read 200,000 words or more since the start of the school year: Joseph Modenos (6th), Liam Stetson (5th); +300,000 words: Alexander Fulton (8th); +1,000,000 words: Nicholas Stewart (7th). Eighth-grade students selected as Kiwanis Students of the Month were recognized: Victoria Reynolds (October), Mia Pariseleti (November).

7th Grader Alexandra Beauchamp receives Honor Roll recognition from Head of School Linda Trethewey; both wear red shoes in honor of Oakley Debbs and for food allergy awareness.

Sixth-through-eighth-grade students who received no less than a “B” in all academic subjects and no grade less than “Satisfactory” in all co-curricular classes qualified for Honor Roll and received an award certificate: sixth grade—Sophie Angle, Nicole Atteridge, Mattias Bessenroth, Julia Brown, Marcello Fiorentino, Cate Frerichs, Nicholas Grippi, Bailey Groth, Eleanor Hall, Satya Hamilton, Isabelle Herlong, Risa Hernandez, Anthony Iuliani, Finn Jarvi, Georgina Keogh, Sofia Machado, Chloe McGann, NellieMiller, Joseph Modenos, James Molina,  Winston Moore, Parker Pressly, Logan Ray, Marissa Sanchez, Nicholai Steinle, Katie Teubner, Natasha Yedinak; seventh grade—Natalie Acosta, Alexandra Beauchamp, Iliana Beauchamp, James Cohen, Olivia Debbs, Angela Frankland, Juan Lucas Gonzalez-Cabanellas, Ariane Holton, Quinlyn Janson, Molly Lanahan, Lulu Lang, Juliana LaPapa, Daniele Mischke, Cade Randolph, Brewer Rehm, Harry Scarola, Cate Sieving, Layna Steele, Nicholas Stewart, Harper Throop, Olivia Wagner, Amelia Walsh; eighth grade—Thomas Coates, Alexander Fulton, Valery Gonzalez, Lily Guari, MJ Hanlon, Ava Iuliani, Crede Janson, Olivia Klein, Alina Morrison, Trace Scuderi, Nicholas Scully, Parker Ward.

Double E Awards were given to students who received “E” in effort and conduct in all core and co-curricular subjects: sixth grade—Sophie Angle, Marcello Fiorentino, Cate Frerichs, Bailey Groth, Eleanor Hall, Satya Hamilton, Isabelle Herlong, Risa Hernandez, Georgina Keogh, Sofia Machado, Chloe McGann, Nellie Miller, Joseph Modenos, Logan Ray, Katie Teubner, Natasha Yedinak;  seventh grade—Natalie Acosta, Alexandra Beachamp, Iliana Beauchamp, Jomes Cohen, Angela Frankland, Juan Lucas Gonzalez-Cabanellas, Ariane Holton, Quinlyn Janson, Molly Lanahan, Lulu Lang, Daniele Mischke, Harry Scarola, Layna Steele, Nicholas Stewart, Harper Throop, Olivia Wagner, Amelia Walsh, Tucker Yavinsky; eighth grade—Valery Gonzalez, Stephen Hall, MJ Hanlon, Crede Janson, Olivia Klein, Mia Pariseleti, Victoria Reynolds.

All students who participated in a fall sport—flag football, volleyball, swimming, and cross country—were acknowledged. The following student-athletes received awards: Varsity Flag Football—Thomas  Coates (8th) / Most Valuable Player, Liam Landers (8th) / Most Improved Player; Dawson Brown (8th)/ Coaches’ Choice; James Smeenge (7th) / Heart Award; Junior Varsity Flag Football—FJ Bahl (5th)  / Most Valuable Player; Anthony Javarone (5th) / Most Improved Player; Annabelle Walsh (5th) / Coaches’ Choice; Thomas Murray (5th) / Heart Award;  Girls Varsity Volleyball—Mia Pariseleti (8th) / Most Valuable Player, Parker Ward (8th) / Heart Award, Olivia Debbs (7th) / Most Improved; Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball—Daniele Mischke (7th) and Amelia Walsh (5th) / Most Valuable Players, Eleanor Hall (6th) / Heart Award, Ryleigh Beazley (6th) / Most Improved; Swimming—Matthew Cohen (8th) / Most Valuable Swimmer, Ariane Holton (7th) / Most Improve, Juan Lucas Gonzalez-Cabanellas (7th) / Heart Award; Olivia Wagner (7th) / Coaches’ Choice; Cross Country—Trey Wagner (5th) / Male Running Raider Award, Sloane Clarke (5th) / Female Running Raider Award, Iliana Beauchamp (7th) / Coaches’ Choice.

Eighth-grade student Lily Guari was also recognized for her community service and servant leadership outside of Rosarian Academy.  Lily, alongside alumni Mercedes Cassidy and Johnny Cassidy, founded the local non-profit, Blankets of Love, in May 2017. These outstanding and philanthropic students are spreading warmth and love to cancer patients, one blanket at a time. Realizing that cancer can put patients in an isolated and lonely place, they serve with the idea that “a small gesture of kindness can truly make a difference in their lives.”

Last Friday also concluded Red Sneaker Month for Rosarian Academy. Throughout the month of November, students were allowed to wear red sneakers in honor of Oakley Debbs, their schoolmate who lost his life in 2016 due to a fatal anaphylactic reaction resulting from a mild nut allergy. Oakley loved wearing red sneakers, so his family decided to use them as a powerful symbol for increased education and awareness among communities of people with food allergies. As part of Rosarian Academy’s “Oakley Debbs Health& Wellness Initiative” launched last school year and in partnership with the local non-profit Red Sneakers for Oakley, students heard from Susan Tatelli, a teenager living with life-threatening food allergies, following the awards assembly. Miss Tatelli recognizes her ability to save lives by teaching “Epinephrine Readiness.” Since 2014, she has developed a hands-on Epinephrine Readiness training curriculum of videos, visual aids, and presentations. Susan has spoken at five national food allergy conferences and presented her curriculum to more than 50 individual groups, personally training over 2,000 people. Food allergy parents, educators, and advocates nationwide use her curriculum. The school encouraged all students and faculty to wear red shoes on Friday since it was the last day of the month and for the presentation.

Rosarian Academy, founded in 1925, educates students from early childhood through eighth grade and offers an exceptionally strong academic program enriched by athletics, visual and performing arts, and community service opportunities. STEM, coding, art, drama, music theory, and Spanish classes begin in kindergarten. The independent, Catholic school is located on Flagler Drive in downtown West Palm Beach and is sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters.  Complimentary bus service is available throughout Palm Beach County. For more information, visit www.rosarian.org or call 561.345.3106.

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