May 2019

For many students, college education would not be possible without scholarships. Generous donors devoted to Lynn University provide funding so that deserving and talented students have a chance for success in the world.


Students who earn their degrees with scholarship support can focus time and energy on enhancing their learning through community service, volunteer opportunities and internships.

Scholarships come in all forms from a variety of sources—individuals, corporations and fundraising events. Many are merit-based and can serve as confidence boosters by recognizing student achievements.

Students who receive scholarships learn the importance of philanthropy and giving back. This article shares the stories of six grateful students who, through the generosity and kindness of others, have opportunities to realize their potential and become engaged global citizens.

This article explores three types of scholarships, the benefactors who made them possible and the grateful 2018 and future graduates who received them: Friends of the Conservatory of Music scholarshipstravel scholarshipsHaiti Memorial Scholarships and those that support immediate needs.

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