Lynn University eliminates water bottle distribution

February 2020

Lynn University announced at its annual Sustainability Day Feb. 13 that it will no longer purchase water bottles. The initiative is part of ongoing efforts to create a greener campus.


Single-use plastics place a strain on waste management systems, oceans and communities around the world. Lynn’s initiative, which ends distribution of water bottles to campus offices, encourages employees and visitors to use refillable water containers. This alone eliminates use of nearly 70,000 plastic water bottles per year.

"The sustainability team works year-round to educate and promote an environmentally friendly campus, and we’ve had our sights set on eliminating water bottles," said Zach Minich '18, assistant project manager in the Office of Construction and Sustainability. "Once we heard about large organizations making the change, we knew we could do it."

Sustainability is a strategic goal for Lynn. The university implements green practices in building, maintenance, consumption and more. The Mohamed Indimi International Business Center and Mary and Harold Perper Residence Hall are LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, and the university expects the Christine E. Lynn University Center to receive the recognition later this year.

There are 35 refill stations at Lynn, including those in university offices and two at the airport.
Zach Minich '18, assistant project manager

Students are also getting involved. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are part of Lynn’s social impact curriculum and experiential learning programs. For example, in 2018, one group of students set out to support SDG No. 12, responsible consumption and production, and worked with Lynn food service provider Sodexo to reduce plastic straw supply.

Water bottles are available in vending machines and at food service locations for purchase, but the university hopes increased awareness will decrease and eventually eliminate demand for these products in the future.

"There are 35 refill stations at Lynn, including those in university offices and two at the airport," said Minich. "We hope to see more reusable water bottles carried around campus."

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