September 2018

Amy Schatzman loves coffee. So, it’s not hard to imagine why this recent Finance major graduate was drawn to this liquid sensation industry, which is the second-most traded commodity market in the world surpassed only by petroleum.

With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide on a daily basis, Schatzman’s business sense told her she would be on the right track if she were to open a coffee house. However, having her own business wasn’t just a way to wealth—but as a way to pursue her life’s dreams and find personal fulfillment. “Coffee farmers are some of the poorest people in the world,” said Schatzman. “These facts inspired me to enter into the coffee market with the hopes of building economic stability for coffee farmers. Seaside Brew is just the beginning of a much bigger dream.”

That dream started in her dorm room last fall, when she thought to herself, “Why is there no specialty coffee at PBA?” Then, the next thought she had was, “I could start selling specialty coffee at PBA.” And from there the dream became more and more of a reality.

Her first bold step was to go to President William M. B. Fleming with a well prepared presentation. That led her to another meeting with Mark Bresnahan, assistant vice president of auxiliary services & procurement.

“President Fleming introduced me to Amy and asked for me to help mentor her through this process,” said Bresnahan. “Auxiliary Services serves as the main liaison with Sailfish Dining so I was happy to help.” After a successful meeting with Sailfish Dining services, Seaside Brew went from an idea on a business plan to an actual business. “Amy is an incredibly talented individual,” reflected Bresnahan. “If this business is successful at PBA, I truly believe she could end up being a franchisor for Seaside Brew. The potential is there. It would be great to see this business at other universities across the country."

From a business standpoint, Schatzman hopes Seaside Brew plays an increasingly impactful and influential role in society—from the hard working coffee farmers to the PBA students that buy her coffee. She also hopes to learn more about being a leader within her team and an entrepreneur with a sharp insight and innovative mind.

The idea of starting a business or becoming a business owner never entered her mind as she was growing up. And according to her, that’s because she’s always enjoyed doing bits of everything. But during her sophomore year at PBA the light went off, as she saw that as a good indicator that perhaps running her own business would give her the opportunity to do just that. Her long-term goals are to expand Seaside Brew to more college campuses so more students can get specialty coffee at their convenience. And from there, she’s hoping that the business can become more vertically integrated so it can make a bigger impact within the supply chain.

Seaside Brew opened for business this Tuesday, and the buzz on campus and on social media was hot. “Best brew in SoFlo!!!!!!!!!” A seemingly highly caffeinated post went up on Instagram. And after all the fanfare, Schatzman zeroed in on her next agenda: to work on a special blend. This would allow direct traceability back to the farm, and as soon as people drink their coffee, they would know the name of the farmer who picked their beans. 

What makes this coffee so special? “Seaside’s special brand of coffee is cut on a scale from 0 to 100,” explained Schatzman. “Specialty coffee falls between 80 and 100. Our coffee is currently cupping at 85.”

Seaside’s niche is cold brew. This specialty coffee is roasted by a local roaster, Pumphouse Coffee Roasters, and their coffee is in the top 5% of the best coffee in the world. It certainly packs a punch, as it contains almost twice as much caffeine as a normal cup of coffee.

Stay tuned to see new features that they’ll have in the future, and follow @seaside_ _brew on Instagram to get updates. 

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