May 2019

Renowned philanthropist and world traveler Yvonne Boice established the Boice Scholarship to help Lynn University students participate in academic programs abroad. “Having traveled to 150 countries and visited all seven continents, I understand the importance of fostering cultural awareness in our youth,” said Boice.


"Every place, every culture is so different, and traveling opens your mind to that."

Emma Riley, '19

One of two recipients who graduated this year, Emma Riley ’19, earned her B.S. in fashion and retail. The scholarship helped her gain experience in one of the world’s fashion meccas.

“Winning the Boice Scholarship was such an honor,” said Riley.“ I studied in Florence, Italy for January Term and the Spring 2018 semester.”

“When I traveled to a country I had never been before, I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone in many different ways, mostly with things as simple as meeting new people, trying different foods and exploring foreign places. Every place, every culture is so different, and traveling opens your mind to that,” added Riley.

The scholarship also enabled investment management major Kierra Coke ’19 to study in Europe’s top financial center.

“During my months abroad in London, UK, I was able to get in touch with another culture, network and learn to be completely self-sufficient,” said Coke. “This helped me to broaden my knowledge because I was able to live and see the world from another perspective.”

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