Twenty years: A conservatory timeline

December 2019

Like a finely tuned orchestra, the Lynn University Conservatory of Music relies on harmonious effort. For 20 years, key players—administrators, faculty, donors and students—have shared a vision of quality and creativity.


As a result, conservatory students, instructors and alumni collectively win competitions, join leading music faculties and play in some of the finest orchestras in the world. They have truly made beautiful music together.

A look back reveals some of the highlights that made it all possible.

Conservatory students rehearsing

The conservatory opens at Lynn

July 1
Sixty-two music students join the Lynn family, living and learning in the HARID building. Students work toward academic and performance achievement: Bachelor of Music degrees and post-baccalaureate professional studies diplomas.
A teacher instructing a young adult.

Lynn University Preparatory School of Music launches

Sept. 11
Lynn introduces music lessons and courses for the community and young musicians. Since then, thousands of students have enrolled. Performance instruction continues today.

First Lynn University Philharmonia concert

Oct. 2
The orchestra premieres at Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton.
The Coservatory of Music plays in the Boca Raton church.

Spanish River Church becomes Lynn Philharmonia venue

Dec. 10
The group makes the Boca Raton church its performance home.

First Bachelor of Music degrees

May 6
Ten students receive bachelor’s degrees in performance.
2001 Jan Grand Opening of the Amarnick Goldstein Concert Hall

Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall opens

Jan. 18
Lynn’s first campus concert venue debuts with chamber music.
Conservatory moves to the de Hoernle Residence Hall

The conservatory moves on campus

The enhanced Count and Countess de Hoernle Residence Hall offers new music studios and offices.
Friends of the Conservatory at their first tea.

Lynn University Friends of the Conservatory of Music launches

Nov. 13
The volunteer organization has its first membership tea.
Gingerbread concert at Lynn

First Lynn Philharmonia Family Holiday Concert

Dec. 14
The premiere of the annual concert (now the Gingerbread Holiday Concert) spreads cheer to over 500 music lovers at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.
Philharmonia concert at Boca West

First Lynn Philharmonia concert at Boca West

April 6
The first of these annual outdoor events at Boca West Country Club entertains 300 fans. Today, 1,500 attendees enjoy a large-scale show with a fireworks finale.

Advanced performance degree and certificate programs begin

Two new post-baccalaureate degrees launch: a Master of Music in performance and a performance-only professional performance certificate (P.P.C.). (Lynn retires the professional studies diploma.)

First Master of Music degrees

May 10
Six conservatory students receive Master of Music degrees.

Saint Andrew’s School becomes Lynn Philharmonia venue

Oct. 7
Concerts relocate to state-of-the-art Andrews Hall in Boca Raton.
New Music Festival flyers

First New Music Festival

Feb. 1
The event shares modern music and provides a platform for student composers to bring their work to life. By 2020, more than 90 premieres were performed.
Sheet music on a piano

Composition programs begin

Lynn introduces bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music composition.
Bernadette Peters with Elaine J. Wold and others

Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center opens

March 26
The Lynn Philharmonia accompanies Bernadette Peters at the Wold’s first concert.
Wold stage

First Lynn Philharmonia concert at the Wold

Oct. 9
The Wold officially becomes the orchestra’s home.
Alfredo plays the piano

Instrumental collaborative piano programs begin

Lynn teaches advanced collaboration via a Master of Music or P.P.C.
International Center at Lynn

The conservatory moves to de Hoernle International Center

The conservatory enjoys expanded, renovated space and convenient access to the concert hall and the Wold.
Philharmonia with Joshua Bell

Lynn Philharmonia performs with Joshua Bell

March 16
Conservatory Music Director and Conductor Guillermo Figueroa and selected students play with the virtuoso at Festival of the Arts BOCA.
Conservatory goes to Cuba

Educational outreach initiative to Cuba

Conservatory faculty travel to Cuba for a two-day concert showcasing music by American composers.
President Ross performs with the Lynn Philharmonia

President Kevin M. Ross joins the orchestra

Dec. 10
President Ross steps on stage for “Romp for Symphony Orchestra and (Celebrity) Triangulist” at the Gingerbread Holiday Concert.
Philharmonia performs in the Wold Performing Arts Center

Lynn celebrates 20 years of timeless music

Students and faculty present a dazzling anniversary season of master classes, recitals, competitions and concerts.

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