Two-Time Fulbright Alum Achieves Dreams Serving Refugees in Korea

January 2021

Ever since he was in high school, James Davisson knew he wanted to serve the broken and lost. He has consistently prayed “break his heart for what breaks Yours, God” and to always have a heart that says “send me.” God answered those prayers in a big way when Davisson was selected for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in South Korea his senior year at PBA. He graduated with a degree in intercultural studies in 2019.


During his time in Korea from July 2019 to 2020, he learned about the culture and how to be a better teacher to his 450 students! Learning about their hopes and passions motivated Davisson to keep pursuing his God-given dream to serve North Korean refugees. 

But there was brokenness, too — Korea has a high suicide rate — and a nationwide discussion of mental health was in the early stages. Davisson created a lesson “You Will See Me Tomorrow Because…” that encouraged students to write what helps them want to wake up each day.  “It was by far the best lesson I got to teach,” Davisson stated with enthusiasm, “I want the Lord to break my heart every day for what breaks His, so I can be a light to my students, strangers and colleagues alike.”

When Davisson returns to South Korea on Jan. 31, he will teach at a school that the church started for North Korean refugees. He is the first Fulbright to teach there, an opportunity the program offered him because he was open about his faith. This is a milestone for Davisson, and looking back, he can see how God led him every step of the way. The Lord takes us on different paths to get to where He ultimately wants us to be. One point Davisson emphasized was, “blessed are the flexible, for they don’t get bent out of shape!” 

Photo: James Davisson, center, poses for a photo with his students during his first term teaching English in South Korea through the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program. The students excelled in an academic competition.

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