Our Schools

Little Girl Getting off the school bus

Public K-12

The School District of Palm Beach County is the 5th-largest school system in Florida and the 11th-largest in the country, with 185 schools serving 176,724 (total K-12) students who speak 150 languages/dialects.
Southtech Schools

Charter K-12

There are more than 40 charter schools sponsored and administered through the School District of Palm Beach County.
Grandview-preparatory school

Private & Faith-Based K-12

There are nearly 110 private and faith-based schools in Palm Beach County offering an array of educational opportunities for parents and students.

Colleges & Universities

The exceptional quality of training and education at the colleges and universities in Palm Beach County and South Florida results in high-quality, employment-focused workforce training.
Oakstone Academy

Students with Special Needs

Palm Beach County offers a number of educational opportunities for children with special needs from birth to age 22.