In the know from the CEO

Education Environment Equals Economic Success

Palm Beach County’s educational offerings are top-notch when compared to other locations. Many executives who have relocated from the Northeast U.S. have been pleasantly surprised that their children are receiving just as good, if not better, of an education. They’re not only excelling academically; the family has more time to spend together and it’s a life well lived in the sunshine.

From the A-rated School District of Palm Beach County to our charter, private and faith-based schools, the county has earned a reputation for unmatched academics that prepare our students for life and career success in the workplace of tomorrow.

In addition to working with public and private schools from K-12, the Business Development Board leads several other education initiatives. Our Academic Leaders Council is comprised of university presidents as well as our superintendent. Those meetings focus on industry and curriculum alignment to discuss skill sets needed by local employers.

Our “Claim Your Future Showcase” brings over 1,000 high school students to the Palm Beach County Convention Center each year to meet with industry leaders and our Private School Headmasters Task Force meets to address the need for expansion due to growth over the last three years.

Our academics challenge students in every discipline. From Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Math (STEAM), to business, finance, and pre-law and, even entrepreneurship, families and their children find a rigorous and stimulating educational environment. From hundreds of specialty career and enrichment programs to schools that were formed 100 years ago, there are plenty of options for a student new to the area.

Our welcoming climate continues to attract hundreds of executives and their families every day from the Northeast, Midwest, even California. Those who’ve arrived have discovered education as a key incentive needed by any business eager to thrive in the sunshine. Citadel CEO Ken Griffin, a Palm Beach County native who decided to relocate his entire investment management company from Chicago to South Florida, including an office in Palm Beach County, put it best: “Taxes weren’t part of our decision to come to Florida,” he told Fox News. The Sunshine State has “great schools, a great environment and your streets are safe and clean.” The Business Development Board, Palm Beach County’s official economic development organization, assists relocating executives with introductions to public and private school leaders. It’s part of the many complimentary services available to a company relocating to Palm Beach County, alongside expedited permitting, property searches, and local concierge services.

If you’re relocating your business to Palm Beach County—or you already live here and want to learn more about our world-class academics from grade school to grad school and beyond—the Business Development Board can help. Visit or give us a call. We’ll introduce you and your family to the schools that have earned praise for helping prepare today’s student for tomorrow’s success.

Kelly Smallridge

President and CEO