Outstanding Commitment to Music Education

For the sixth consecutive year, the School District of Palm Beach County has been honored with the prestigious Best Communities for Music Education designation from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation. Palm Beach County is one of only six school districts in Florida to receive the distinction for 2022, following the completion of an extensive NAMM survey/application. 

“I am proud of all our music teachers, administrators, and community partners for achieving this outstanding recognition,” said Cleve Maloon, the District’s K-12 Arts Education Program Planner.

The Best Communities for Music Education designation recognizes the exceptional efforts of teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community leaders who work to make music part of a well-rounded education. This designation is given to districts that demonstrate strong dedication and access to music education, showing their commitment to ensuring that every child has opportunities to learn and grow with music. 

District students and staff have achieved success and recognition for their musical accomplishments and instructional expertise. A student won a grant in a national music contest, and the District expertly uses music to enhance student learning.

One longtime teacher was honored as Secondary Music Educator of the Year by the Florida Music Education Association, and a band director was named to the 2022 list of 40 under 40 for outstanding music educators. The District also boasts a Grammy award-winning musician as one of its notable graduates.

The 2018 Tax Referendum has made this success possible and helped support arts instruction in the District by funding more than 650 school fine arts, choice and career academy positions. Money raised from the referendum also allowed schools to add teachers on special assignment to support and expand fine arts curriculum.

The School District of Palm Beach County serves more than 175,000 students in the areas of Music, Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Dance, and TV Production. Students have the opportunity to experience the arts in elementary, middle, and high school through a variety of course offerings.