Sindee Kerker Selected 2022 Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Sindee Kerker said she was “pleasantly surprised and honored” to be presented with the Award for Excellence in Teaching and Dedication to Students, given the number of outstanding professors there are at Lynn University.

Kerker has dedicated the past 23 years of her career to making each student feel confident, loved and welcome to the Lynn community. “She has demonstrated a commitment to student learning, utilized innovative teaching techniques and impacted student lives beyond the classroom,” said Dr. Katrina Carter-Tellison, vice president for academic affairs.

Kerker’s relationship with her students is one of the reasons she was chosen for the award. “Students can contact me by email or phone any time, even on the weekends. On the first day of class, I give them my cell number and they text me in class, so they feel comfortable texting the professor,” said Kerker.
“I want to instill a passion in criminal justice while also making sure my students feel confident and proud of their accomplishments.”–Sindee Kerker

Aside from her positive rapport with students, Kerker has consistently contributed her expertise to the criminal justice department at Lynn. She spent years writing and designing an e-book for the Introduction to Criminal Justice class. The e-book makes learning about criminal justice more interactive by implementing instructional and highlight videos for each section.